Crazy Jim's Lot of (Slightly Used, Mostly RPG-Related) Programs

He's a lunatic! He's insane!! He's so crazy he's giving them away for free!!!

That's right! Regardless of your credit history, even if you've filed for bankruptcy, Crazy Jim will make you a deal for $0 down and $0 per month. All these programs are free, and they must go!

Warning: These are Microsoft DOS programs, meaning that you'll probably need an MS-DOS emulator to use them. The best one I've found is DOSBox. If you need help getting DosBOX installed and/or configured, feel free to give me a holler.

These programs were written in QuickBasic v4.5, an old programming language for MS-DOS that doesn't get much use anymore, but if you'd like to tinker around with my programs, you might want to grab it, as I'm making all the source code available so that you can muck around to your heart's content.

Quick List
Characters & Combat:
Monster Attack (v1.0) w/ Monster Encounter Generator (v3.04) for AD&D
NPC Band Generator (v1.01) for AD&D
NPC Party Generator (v1.01) for AD&D
Character Generation Aide (v1.2) for Top Secret/SI
Random Hit Location Utility (v0.3)
Text Archives:
Camp (v0.3) AD&D Campaign Archive (Homebrew Rules & Stuff)
Debate (v0.8) TSR/Copyright Debate & Traveller Copyright Archive
Trek (v80) Star Trek PBeM Archive (Up to Turn #80)
Worldmap (v1.0d) Fantasy World Mapping Program (Squares)
Mapper (v0.7) Fantasy World Mapping Program (Hexes)
Galactic (v2.4) Sector Mapping Program for Traveller
Starmap (v1.0) 3D Starmapping Program for Science Fiction RPGs
CAL (v1.3) RPG Calendar / Campaign Log
Lang (v1.0) Greek Word Learner
Hangman (v1.0) Hangman Game for ESL Students
Rand (v0.94) Random Stuff Generator

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