3d Starmap

PROGRAM NAME: "STARMAP" [v1.0] {February 1998}
AUTHOR: Jim Vassilakos (jim.vassilakos@gmail.com)
FUNCTION: 3D Starmap Generator/Viewer
SIZE: 1822 KB
COMMENTS: Create and explore three-dimensional starmaps for your science-fiction RPG campaign, then share your work with the rest of us on the Net. Requires VGA graphics or better. May attach campaign notes to the maps via an easy-to-learn menuing system. Sample map included along with SF-RPG discussion archives.

Get star10.zip

Get gliese3.zip (241 KB, contains Gliese's 3rd Catalog of Near Stars which was used in Starmap along with a processed version which has no random filler which should be more usable for gamers, starmappers, and science-fiction buffs)

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