Galactic (v2.4c)

PROGRAM NAME: "GALACTIC" [v2.4c] {August 1998}
GAME SYSTEM: Traveller/MegaTraveller
AUTHOR: Jim Vassilakos (
FUNCTION: Sector Viewer/Generator
SIZE: 6462 KB
COMMENTS: Allows user to randomly generate sectors, displays the maps in VGA, translates the UWP code to English, and keeps campaign notes in text files which can be accessed directly from the map. The maps all mesh seemlessly. Lots of official & non-official Traveller sectors are included. There's even world mapping and star system mapping software. Contains enough online help that it can be used by someone who has never before played Traveller and is just getting into it.


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Tony De Lyall ported Galactic to 32-bit Windows using FreeBasic, creating Galactic for Windows

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